CX Automation Platform

The customers want to experience user friendly information that solves their problems and requests. Emotional connection is considerably more effective. It’s the highest level of customer experience that directly impacts revenue growth and retention.


The fully HumanOS features; face and emotional interactions, advanced image processing technology, pattern recognition to capture customers’ needs and emotional status in purchase situations.

Cloud service solution & Data analytic tools, Multi-Channel integration & management, Data base integration, Support & Service.

The SalientAI solution analyzes, in real-time, customers past interaction and dialogue, adapts, learns, and adds preference-based data, without being explicitly programmed to perform such operations.


The SalientAI software tools ability to create individual and personalized content in touchpoint and metrics.

⦁ 24/7 customer service and support
⦁ high accuracy in recognition
⦁ low levels of maintenance
⦁ self-learning
⦁ reliable automated customer service
⦁ build better relations to customers
⦁ integrated with personalized account information
⦁ consistent end-to-end customer experience
⦁ virtual shopping experience (CX)
⦁ increased sales conversion rate

User Interface

SalientAI patented software tools for CX predict and segmentize all dynamic content in the Customer Journey, using Digital Humans technology.

⦁ Digital humans are designed to embody a brand
⦁ A digital human acts as a loyal brand ambassador that recreates human emotions
⦁ Never has a bad day, and won’t get frustrated answering the same questions 24/7

Digital humans are non-judgmental, provide confidentiality and remain constantly available around the clock for virtually billions of users.

Create an ambassador for you brand or company that your customers will love and your competitors can´t copy.

Combining the best digital and human interaction through the use of emotional connections. Just because your customers are interacting wth a machine doesn’t mean they have to feel like they are.

Taylor made CX / Real-Time Solution

SalientAI Digital Humans provide a groundbreaking new technology into customers front-end services that improve user experience in the Customer Journey.

Only 7% of successful verbal communication comes from the words we say. The rest is conveyed through our facial expressions (55%) and the tone of voice we use (38%) while speaking.


Digital contact in the form of E-mail, Chatbots, SoMe, and Self-service continues its explosive growth and engagement.
Design Your own Digital Human Brand Ambassador and create a visual Customer Experience that presents the company’s values, culture, and customer services in a new way, in all channels.

Digital Humans are created to convey verbal and non-verbal signals to create better conversation; raise their eyebrows, smile, nod or perform countless expressions, use a cheeky or serious tone of voice in different scenarios. Emotional reading tools enable the same experience as an in-person verbal and non-verbal conversation.

Develop a personalized Digital Human that remembers the customers shopping history in real-time, offering additional products during sales process, with 100% voice in a human-like user interface. Personalized CX solution drive bottom-line results across the entire customer lifecycle.

Digital Humans visualize relationships between Journeys, with Maps, creating relevant, contextual user flows that keep customers engaged through every stage of the life cycle. The customers use only one single interaction to perform all requests, tasks and purchases.

Digital humans are the only solution that can bring a human-like emotional connection and customer experience to the highly scalable digital world.